First Class: Review and Still Life

Introduction. Class overview (see slides below for details).

For this class: Bring two objects to class, two objects that are related, but somehow opposites. Be prepared to make a case for seeing them as being both related and opposite. For instance cup/ball: These objects are opposites because a cup has a rounded void inside it, whereas a ball is a rounded solid form. They are related because they are of a similar size, take up about the same amount of space, and they both have the quality of roundness.
Another example, knife/fork: These objects are opposites because they are used for opposite purposes, the knife is for cutting apart, and the fork is for gathering up. They are related because they are both similar in size, and they are both utensils used for eating.
If possible please bring a few options, so you have a choice as to what you will draw in class, and so there will be extras just in case. Also bring something to blindfold yourself with.

In-class assignment one: Drawing with a tactile object

Creating a direct route of communication between your two hands

Make several similar drawings repeating the following set of instructions:

1)Examine one of your objects in silence for about 3 minutes

2)In the margin of your paper, write a detailed description (size, weight, colour, textures etc.)

3)Blindfold yourself—no peeking

4)Use a range of pencil marks with your drawing hand that describes what your other hand is feeling

5)Push and pull, twist, dig, turn, press hard or light, dots, dashes, smudges, whatever is appropriate to what you are touching with your other hand

6)Take off your blindfold. Put the object out of sight and draw it from memory (remembering your initial description and using your most successful kinds of marks)

7)Repeat with the other object.

In-class assignment 2: Using pencil, observe both objects together and draw them using the kind of marks that you made while blindfolded. Finish for homework if no time in class. Give your drawing a title.

Homework: Create a Joseph Cornell  or Arman style shadow box. Make or find a box and create a portable, stable, still life inside it. Think about controlling a light source to make the lighting and shadows consistent whether you are at home or in class.

For next class: Bring your shadow box, a small lamp or light source, and extension cord if possible. Bring soft vine or willow charcoal, and compressed charcoal, kneadable and white erasers, Cartridge pad, one sheet of Stonehenge.










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