Third Class: The Object Disguised

Bring an interesting object and materials to disguise your object. This week we will be disguising an object to look like another object. Use one sheet of Stonehenge and divide the surface into 6 sections. Use pencil and eraser. I suggest using a combination of contour drawing and shading or hatching. I am open to other ideas if you want to use other materials.

Bring your shadow box drawings for a short group critique at the beginning of class. You do not need to bring your shadow box for this class.

Class assignment: draw the object, then do a series of 5 or 6 (or more) drawings documenting the transformation into another object. Think about meaning–what does it mean to change an angel into a devil, a hawk into a dove etc?

You will have the whole class for this assignment.

Homework: Finish your series of drawings for homework. The student presentations will be next week on Feb 10th. Come prepared with images or powerpoint on a USB stick or SD card. Show how your artist uses drawing in their art practice and explain how they push the boundaries of how drawing is used and what drawing can be. See last week’s post for instructions.


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