Eighth Class: The Figure and the skeleton

Model. Bring all drawing materials, newsprint, cartridge and Kraft or Manilla paper. This week we will focus on the skeletal structure of the body.

Homework: Find or make textured/coloured/patterned/toned surfaces to draw on for next class with the figure. Invent a process and document what you did. Use traditional or unusual materials. Bring all your drawing stuff and a variety of paper for more figure drawing next class.


2 thoughts on “Eighth Class: The Figure and the skeleton

  1. Ildiko

    5. Layed fibrous tissue paper with silver and gold speckles onto paper and brushed gloss medium over it – one done on white paper and one on black paper. Gives a soft textured background.


  2. Terence

    Wet on Wet watercolour – Sponged water onto the surface of watercolour paper. Dropped various colours of water soluable ink onto the surface – also used a spray bottle of water to make sure the ink spread and mixed – tilted the paper to help make the ink disperse.
    Gradient Wash – put a watercolour wash onto a watercolour surface – When partically dry added another layer of watercolour a brush width in from the edge. Continued this process until the wash reached the center of the paper.



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