Ninth Class: The Figure and the skeleton on Prepared Paper 2

Model (Female) Focus on the skeletal structure.

Get ready for the final drawing project:  Interior/Exterior combines room interiors with landscape. For this project you will draw three large, finished drawings. I will be showing examples and explaining more next class.

It is a good idea to get your source material together for all three drawings ahead of time. You will have the second half of next class (Class Ten), all of Class Eleven, and the first half of Class Twelve to work on these. There will be no other homework so you can devote time to these.

Drawing One: Full sheet of grey or toned paper (Ingres, or Canson Mi-Teintes are good), using black and white conté. FROM YOUR OWN PHOTOGRAPH, draw a view from the inside to the outside, through a door or a window. “Inside” could include still life elements on a table, room features, a figure, the door or window frame, curtains etc. “Outside” could be any kind of landscape, seascape, urban, suburban, or rural. We will do this in class, next week so bring the necessary supplies and source photos.You can start with light pencil. try using the side of the conté and a light touch. Try not to smudge or erase too much–let the white of the paper show through for maximum luminosity.

Drawing Two: charcoal on Stonehenge. A “diptych” (divide the paper into two halves by drawing a line down the middle). FROM YOUR OWN PHOTOGRAPHS. This will be a view from the outside to the inside. One side of the drawing will be day outside and darkened shadowy interior inside, and the second will be night outside with an artificially lit interior. Creative variations of this idea are welcome.

Drawing Three:  Medium (including collage), surface and size of your choice. Combine two (or more) different source photos, a room interior looking out to an jarring or unexpected exterior. These can be FOUND images, or your own photos. Either the interior or the exterior can be from the imagination, but not both.

Homework for next week (Week 10): No drawing, but take source photographs and print them for interior/exterior drawings. Catch up on homework. Bring your source photos for a consultation/discussion, grey toned paper and black and white conté.



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